Monday, September 14, 2009

Where the Lanes get their strength

Written by Jaynce (Lane) Miller, Travis' Aunt
This was posted as a comment, but it was so good I wanted to put in the main blog.

In her blog, Kayla said, "I don't know where in the family line the gene originates (perhaps my Aunt Janyce could help us with that), but there is something about being a Lane that means being optimistic when the chips are down, keeping it together and pulling through."

Kayla, you are so right so I thought I would comment on where we get our strength. Of course, ultimately it is because of our faith and knowledge that the Savior lives and that he did indeed die for us and because of his strength we can be strong. I believe our strength came from both the Lanes and the Tenneys.

When I used to go to the Tenney Reunions (most of you kids reading this are too young to have been to many Tenney reunions), I would sometimes get frustrated during the testimony meeting because everybody would bear their testimony about the great heritage we had from our Tenney ancestors. Our Wear heritage from Grandma (Wear) Tenney was rarely mentioned even though she was there. I sometimes wondered how that made her feel.

I do not diminish the heritage we received from our Lane ancestors. We all know the strength Grandpa Lane always exhibited when anyone needed comfort or assistance. He was the first to respond. His example of service to anyone in need regardless of their social status has been a model in my life and I love and appreciate him for it. Grandma (Tenney) Lane was also a tower of strength when we needed her.

Again most of you are too young to remember when Uncle Jake was killed. My mother (Grandma Lane) was such an example of faith in action to all of us. She knew where he was and perhaps she even knew why he had to go at that time (almost 24 years old leaving Justin 18 mos and Rachel 6 mos). During the weeks (I think it was three but someone else will have to confirm that) between when he was electrocuted and when he died she never wavered in her example of caring about the needs of her family at that time to give them strength. She never wavered in her example of faith and knowledge that the Gospel was true and this was all for a purpose and we would all be together again.

At the time, I was uplifted by my Mother and I knew it was alright because she knew it was alright. I don't mean to imply that I didn't have a testimony of my own but Mother's attitude and example sure helped.

Travis and Haley, I know that your strength and attitudes in this crisis will be remembered by your children long into the future. I know that because Mother's example was with me every single day after Jimmy was diagnosed with cancer. Her example helped me step up to the plate and be strong for my children and grand children.

So where do we Lanes get our strength? I think it comes from all our ancestors. I think strong people married strong people and each time created a bigger strand of strength. Certainly for me I can find examples in my Lane & Crawford ancestors and I can find examples in my Tenney and Wear lines. You younger generations who have added ancestral lines from your mom or dad who married into the Lane family can no doubt find it in your mother's or your father's family lines. The gospel is true. We do have a Father in Heaven. Jesus Christ is our Savior. The Holy Ghost can bring peace and solace to our souls.

With my love,

Aunt Janyce


  1. Wow Aunt Janyce you are amazing. To think of all the trials you have gone through and how strong you have stayed. What a wonderful example of faith you are to all of us. We love you

  2. Aunt Janyce we have been blessed with such wonderful ancestors. You are so right. I am so thankful for them and the things that they have passed on to me. I am also so thankful for the wonderful Aunts and Uncles and Parents who have thought me the gospel through their examples and lives. I love all of you so much.