Sunday, September 13, 2009

I guess it's a Family Reunion at Primary Children's Hospital

LIZ: I took this post from Vicki's blog. And by the way, that's the title she used. I told you she would be laughing with me and Travis about the irony of both nieces there at the same time. You can't say we don't have a sense of humor. Or, maybe we're a little demented. I'm not sure.
Update on Jaden:
We are headed to SLC to Primary. The Neurologists tried treating her with 2 different prescriptions that they called in for her yesterday. They gave her 2 drugs that they would usually give to her first thing when she gets to the hospital. They were hopeful that it would be enough to stop her seizures.

Unfortunately, it didn't work and in order to give her more she has to have blood levels drawn. It did slow her seizures down to 5 sec. seizures. She is having them every 5-15 min. Yesterday they were 1 1/2 min. long and still every 5-15 min. So at least they are very short seizures now. She has to be hospitalized to be given stronger meds to stop her seizures.

They wanted me to take her to the Ketchikan Hospital. I told them I didn't want to because she would be transported to Seattle. Ketchikan doesn't have an inhouse lab so they can't treat her with seizure meds. They don't have the ability to test her blood levels quick enough which is why they transported her last time to Seattle. That was such a nightmare last time. I don't want to go through that again, so we are leaving for Salt Lake in the morning.

Update on Arianna:
Her kidney's, pituitary gland, and heart are improving. Unfortunately, the liver and spleen are getting worse. They are very enlarged and still struggling. She's back to getting blood and platelet transfusions everyday for the last two days. Her sodium level keeps spiking up and down too. The metabolic problem is still unsolved. They haven't figured that out.

I just got off the phone with Travis. He is so positive despite the situation. He said the Dr's. wanted him and Haley to get counseling. Travis asked why. They said because parents need to be prepared in situations like this. We don't want them to blame themselves or the Dr's if things get worse. Travis said, oh well in that case we are fine. We don't need counseling. The Dr. said, well that's what were concerned about. We don't think you guys realize the severity of Arianna's situation. You are both always so happy and Travis you are always cracking jokes and making all the nurses and Dr's. laugh.

Travis said, If you are asking me if I understand that my daughter is fighting all odds of living, yes we understand that, but do you understand that we have two choices. 1) be pessimistic and sad or 2) be optimistic and happy. Which one do think is going to be the best for see us crying and upset or to see us happy. The Dr. said well that makes me feel better. We were just afraid that you were too positive because you didn't understand how bad off she is. We've just never met anyone this upbeat in a situation like this. Travis said, well you've just met Travis and Haley Lane.

That's what I love about Travis. He is always positive. He lights the room up when he walks in. Everyone always wants to be in his presence. One of the nurses told him after the Dr. left that the nurses all "fight" over who gets Arianna's room.

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