Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Days and Bad Days

Written by Haley Lane

Since last Sunday, we have had our good days and bad days. Yesterday, she had her second treatment of chemo and she seems to be doing pretty good. This is a good day. She has several illnesses that will effect her for the rest of her life. One of which is the DI and it is a roller coaster. We are still not sure what dosage to give her and when. That is yet to be determined. Her Kidneys are making too much protein and she has a fatal illness in the metabolic system that needs to be figured out. She is contuining to require blood transfusions for how much longer we do not know.

Also, just an FYI Alaina our second youngest had chicken pox all over her body the day we came into the hospital. That has only allowed us to see our children twice since Arianna has been here in the hospital. The first time was outside of the hospital in the garden section. Travis had surprised me so it was very emotional for me, on top of it I was not allowed to touch or hug Alaina because she had chicken pox and we could not risk getting them to Arianna.

At this point in time, if she were to get chicken pox it would be fatal to her as if she was not already in a deadly fatal position. The second time was also bitter sweet, because Arianna had been having a bad day. But we got to celebrate Taylors birthday and I was able to hold Laney. An extra bonus was that Laney was able to play with my hair wich I love and miss. Taylor had a good birthday thanks to Aunt Dona and Uncle Corey.

Thank goodness for both of them. They have made it so much easier on us and on our kids. We also have put Taylor and Kaley in school in Mt Pleasant and they love it! Since we have no clue of how long we would be here. I am so grateful for Skype. It was the first time that Ari smiled in a long time. We were able to talk to the kids and see them. It made Ari's day. She laughed and smiled. It brought tears to my eyes to see my children so happy to see one another. It was literally a moment that you could not put a price on.

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