Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Story From the Past Part VI: Thank You For the Memories

By Travis Lane

Like I wrote before, this all started as a journal entry and as I wrote it into my journal I thought it would be somewhat entertaining for all of you to read it.

I do want to tell you all thank you for helping me have such an enjoyable child hood. I have met many people as we all have since our days in Page. Many of them have shared their lives with me and have related their stories of "growing up" I often feel privileged to have had not only the friends that I had, but also all of your families that took part in my life.

I saw President and Sister Grygla about 3 months ago in St. George at my son’s soccer game. Kelly’s daughter was playing right next to us. When I saw sister Grygla she had already spotted me and with much enthusiasm she was saying "Travis, Travis Lane? Is that you?" It felt like I had just met up with a relative that I had not seen for some time. She and I talked and talked. I confessed to some of the pranks that Josh and I had pulled. She and my mother were both there and both not believe that Josh and I actually were the culprits of those pranks. Specifically the time that Josh and I took Gryglas suburban and drove it to Larsons house. Then took Larson’s truck and drove it to Gryglas. This was all before Josh and I were legally old enough to drive.

I have just read what I wrote. It kind of sounds silly, but as I wrote it into my journal. I thought that you all would find some humor in it. As you can tell I took parts of what I wrote in my journal and put them in here so it is not the best illustration..

I sincerely want to thank all of you for helping create a day in my life that would provide so much peace, comfort, and relief at such a challenging time in my life. I have not only dreamed it once, but at least 7 times in the last two weeks.


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