Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jaden and Arianna and PCH

This post is from Vicki's Blog: http://alaskantaylors.blogspot.com/
The visitors are related to both families. Vicki and Travis, of course, are brother and sister. Their spouses Ron and Haley are 1st cousins. Their moms are sisters.

Amber Lane, (Ari's Aunt married to Travis' brother Jake) with Jaden.
Travis, his Mom, and his brother Jake.
Jaymi, Travis' sister, with her son Krew visiting Jaden. Sam Taylor (Vicki's son) is at the bottom.
(l to r) Mina Lane, (Travis' Mom)Danne Morris, (Haley and Ron's Aunt), Jaden, Penny Taylor (Ron's Mom), Lori Bradshaw (Haley's Mom), Becky Taylor (Haley's cousin), and Amber (Haley's cousin).
Haley visiting Jaden.
Haley and Arianna hanging out in bed.

Ari in one of her more peaceful times. She is on the fourth floor. Vicki and Jaden are on the second floor.


  1. After looking at these pictures, I just realized that though we have two nieces in the hospital Penny and Lori, (who are sisters) both have grand children in the same hospital.

  2. and in that picture with Becky she is listed as Haley's cousin but she is also Jaden's aunt.

  3. ...you're right! I'll have to correct that. Too much intermingling!