Sunday, June 6, 2010

Being Home

I have not blogged for a long time because I have been busy being home. It still feels like a vacation.

We had a doctors appointment last Thursdays. I was very exited. She has been doing so well. She is so happy and so active. It makes me so happy. I was hoping that all the chemo rounds had gotten the decease out of her body. That was not the case her counts had dropped, we didn't need a transfusion "barely". Her ultra sound showed no difference in her liver and spleen. Doctor Fluchell said he wasn't going to go off that to much because it is so obvious that her stomach has gone down.

Over all it was a rough day. Ari was so mad we were even there. While we were talking about stuff that wasn't the greatest, she all of a sudden started freaking out. Clearly she couldn't understand what we were saying, maybe it was our tone.

The game plan from here is a maintenance plan of 3 different types of mild chemos all done out patient every three weeks. Then if that doesn't work she will receive two rounds of the most intense chemo she can handle followed by a bone marrow transplant. They said because of the type of transplant she would need it would need to be a sibling. Even then it is a 25% chance that they will be a match. They said every once in a million a complete stranger will have her match. They were really exited that I was pregnant because of the cord blood. Because of our situation it would be free. Dr. Druscull said it cost about $500 a year to store it. Amber had told me about all the amazing things they are doing with cord blood and cancer. It is pretty interesting.

So that was our day at clinic. I'm still hopeful. Maybe we won't need the second plan. The only thing that makes me nervous is that it is still in her and last time our maintenance plan didn't go so well, but you can't loose hope right. Every day I'm very very happy watching her being so happy. I am so grateful and blessed. I have to say I really completely enjoy my life.