Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Haley Lane said: Ari hasn't had a fever in a while. so that is really exciting. thanks for all the prayers.

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Kristi Lane Niu Just want you to know we love you guys and think and pray for you often. Give Ari a hug from her cousins in AZ
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Tammy Swayngim Zimmermann Thank God awesome news
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Sharon Danners That's fantastic Haley!!! Bless her heart!!! ;)
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Jacki Barbe That is wonderful.. GOD IS THE ALMIGHTY HEALER..PRAYERS WORK...TY LORD... Still praying..
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Jackie Hodge Great news Haley!!! Praying every day!!
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Tina Riehle Yay! That's awesome!
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Christina Taylor That's so awesome! Prayers work! Still praying for her....love you all!
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Keena Argo Ortiz Great news! Praying much more is to follow.
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Lelynn Parys wonderful!
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Bobbi Matty Kaufman Good news! We all will continue praying.
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Amber Parten Continue praying..
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Nicole Maslonka Henderson Still praying for little Ari..
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Jacki Barbe TY U LORD!!! TY U LORD!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm having a hard time tonight. I have never been away from her. But since the baby is due any day,Travis took her up this time. She almost died tonight. They are now in intensive care. I've always said to myself it would be ok if she skipped of to heaven. She is in so much pain I would have to be really selfish to not want her to receive relief. Tonight I realized that I still feel the same way but if it is going to happened I want it to be in my arms. I think the only reason I'm ever strong is because I have this amazingly strong spirit nestled in my arm and my spirit just feeds of her's. She is so amazing in every way. I am so grateful for her. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending me such a beautiful angel.

I'm sure every thing will seem brighter in the morning.
but for now thanks for all the prayers.