Monday, December 21, 2009

B-E-D spells Bed

Written by Haley Lane

I spend about 80% of my life in bed these days. Yes it has been great for my figure--if you like that soft round look. The word you hear out of Ari's mouth the most is, "Bed." Most the time she is yelling it at me. Her facial expressions get pretty funny. I feel like I'm the kid and she is the parent yelling at me to, "Get back in bed young lady!) My arm is her pillow and she can almost not sleep without it. She has been sick, so the other day I let her sleep as long as she needed. She slept for 15 hours straight.

I used to be frustrated at not being able to get anything done. Not anymore. I feel that I treasure every moment holding her and loving on her. My perspective changed one day after complaining to Travis. I told him, "I have 15 seconds of time what should I do with it?"

He replied,"Hold me." He told me,"Just think if she only lives a month or so you will be so glad for the time together."

Leave it to him to change my life. He teaches me every day. The biggest thought I walked away with after our conversation was, "I don't want to have any regrets!" Not just with Ari but with all my kids and Travis. You never know when your time is up--or theirs.

So I now have to priorities a lot. Laying in bed with Ari is at the top of my list.