Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank you, thank you

Life gets a little crazy in here. You never are bored or have much free time because Ari needs constant attention. Sometimes it takes me a couple hours just to get my dinner eaten.

Right now I am holding Ari; she is falling asleep. I'm eating a delicious salad Mom made me. I am reading Ari's blog and people's comments and crying like a baby. I am so grateful to Liz for starting this blog. She is such a good writer and always has me in tears. I love reading everyone's comments. Hearing about Jennifer's little boy who has had a similiar journey and is now doing great really lifts my spirits.

The post about donating blood really got me going. Literally, every kid on this floor is alive today because people donated blood. It touches me how many people have donated blood because of knowing Ari's story.

I really believe a lot of the Lanes have super human blood. My blood is lacking iron, super thin, and has all kinds of issues. Ari must have more of my genes then Travis's.

Anyway, thank you, thank you everyone for all your stories, comments, and prayers. We love you all.

It's Morning

Yesterday was crazy. Ari has never lost her desire to drink. Water is her drug. Yesterday morning she ran out of her medicine that tells her body to hold on to her fluid and stop urinating. At the same time she was vomiting, peeing, and SHE WOULD NOT DRINK. Even when she is vomiting a lot she will keep up her fluids by drinking like crazy. So she got dehydrated super quickly and started blacking out. We got medicine in her and she pulled out of it pretty quickly. It is very scary when this happens. The rest of the day went pretty well. Mornings are always the worst.

The doctor working with us said she grew up in a poor country where the number one cause of death in children is dehydration. Mainly, because they do not have the resources to treat it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Take the Good and the Bad

Good day. Bad day.

Today has been one of the hardest days. She has been throwing up all day. We were talking to Travis on skype and he said, "She looks like she is dead or really drugged up. Last time her 3 day was her worst. The good thing is we are almost done with chemo.

Marie Osmond came and brought Arianna a blanket. I was pretty exited. She has spent time in here with her kids. She is such a beautiful women.

They brought in a Dalmatian. We love there dog therapy. Ari was half asleep and perked right up. He climbed up in bed with her. This was the best part of her day.

We got transferred back Into a bigger room. We love it. No one got to see are small room in person, witch is a bummer because it really was funny

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Hospital is crowded

It has been a long time rite now we are back in the hospital. The hospital is so full they have us in a closet J/k. The room is about 8x10. We are finding the humor in it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Donating Blood

By Elizabeth Lane Hibbard, Ari's Aunt

I have never donated blood in my life. I am scared to death of needles. I have passed up a lot of opportunities to donate blood. I just can't bring myself to get in a chair and voluntarily let someone put a needle in my arm and take my blood out of my body. The thought is akin to sticking needles under my fingernails.

I have never donated blood, until last week. We were hosting a Blood Drive at my work--Paul Mitchell the School--St. George. With this health trauma that Ari has been faced with this past year, I have heard Travis comment how grateful he is for all of the people that give blood. Because, Ari has been the recipient of many transfusions. They are from complete strangers who will never know that their blood has saved someone's life.

I decided to donate blood and overcome my fears. Despite the fact that I kept telling myself I was doing this (indirectly) for Ari I was still experiencing anxiety. I had sweating palms and had to keep going to the bathroom. No idea why it made me have an overactive bladder. My stomach was turning and I was half hoping I could be disqualified from the questions they asked. I made it to the chair and the attendant exclaimed that my veins were golden. She was smiling so I assume that's a good thing. After a quick prick getting the needle in, it was smooth sailing. The anxiety was for naught, and it was an easy procedure.

I regret that I have not done this sooner and possibly been able to be a part of a miracle in someone's life who may have needed my blood. I regret that I am 39 and have taken this long and had to have a serious health issue in my own family before being moved to action. My hope is that anyone who may read this will be motivated to do more in helping out others. You may not know someone personally, but you will be giving a precious gift to another person's life. Not only will the person that receives your blood be given a gift, but you will also give to their mother and their father; their siblings; and their friends and family. Your small donation will affect lives like a ripple in a pond.

I don't know whose blood has been given to Ari in the many transfusions she has received. It would be impossible to tell. They most likely are not the people reading Ari's blog. Just the same, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for making her life go on longer because you took the time to donate blood. Thank you for letting my brother have his daughter a little longer because you gave blood. Thank you for letting my sister-in-law be Ari's mother for a little longer because you gave blood. Thank you for the miracle that may have been nothing for you. Thank you for the small things...because the small things ARE the big things.