Saturday, January 30, 2010


From Travis (Ari's Dad):

I'm just giving an update to family and friends on Arianna. It looks like there is some type of fungal (bacteria) in her brain and/or organs. They will be doing a CT Scan on her body to find out where and what it is exactly.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A word of encouragement

Written by Elizabeth Lane Hibbard

It is amazing to me what can happen when life seems daunting. It's amazing how many friends and family and strangers reach out to you. I received a wonderful email from a complete stranger who has been following Ari's blog. He too is a parent of an LCH child. I forwarded the information he gave me to Travis. I have also received the following email on Facebook from a friend who is from our hometown of Page, Arizona. Her daughter suffered from LCH and they have a wonderful success story. There is still hope.


My heart is breaking for Travis and his family. Brooke had to get these high dose chemo treatments as well. 5 days in a row of 24 hour chemo and we would be home for a week and back in the hospital for 2 or 3 weeks at a time from all the side effects. We spent Aug-Dec 2008 in the hospital. Doing all the blood transfusions, procedures, and surgeries as well. My prayers are with you all. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. We will be celebrating Brooke's end of treatment party on Thurs. I will ask for prayers for Ari from everyone there. Please keep me updated. On a positive note when we reached this stage of the game they told us Brooke only had a 30% chance and she is HEALED! Praise God. Miracles do happen and I'm believing for Ari.



More on Ari

Written by Vicki Lane Taylor, Ari's Aunt

Ari is back at Primary Children's Hospital. She will be there for 2-3 months. She's been receiving chemo treatments and blood transfusions every 3 weeks since she left the hospital. Doctors said that her cancer is worse than the first time she came in. They have only one resort left to try. She will receive the highest dose of chemo that can be given for 5 days in a row. Then she will remain in the hospital for 3 weeks to recover from the chemo because it is so gruesome. Then the process will start over...5 days chemo, 3 weeks recovery. It can be done 3 times. The Doctors told them she has about a 20% chance of survival. Please keep Travis and Haley in your prayers.

Ari's LCH Relapse

Written by Jaymi Lane King (Ari's Aunt)

On Sunday I went up to visit my niece at Primary Children's Hospital. As you can see she is not doing so well. She is back in Primary Children's, they have decided to give her the highest dose of chemo they can in hopes that it will help but they say it is not looking too promising. Her face is so puffy and her stomach is bulging because all of her organs are swollen. Even with the pain medication she is in constant pain. My brother and sister in law are such great examples, they have done an amazing job keeping their spirits high for her and the rest of their kids. We love you guys so much and thank you for your great examples to everyone. Our prayers are with you.

A video of Ari is posted on Jaymi's blog at:

Primary Children's Is A Second Home

Written by Liz Hibbard

I was on my way to the airport in Vegas tonight. I was so sad because I have to leave my three kids for another week while I work in St. George. I hate saying goodbye to them every week. When we were half way there, Travis called to remind me about the headlights on the truck he's been letting me use for the last four months. He didn't know I was coming tonight, but the thought occurred to him to call me. And, because he is always thinking of others, he wanted to make sure I was going to remember what to do with the headlights.

I asked him how Ari is doing. He said they expect her to be in the hospital for at least the next two to three months. Her belly is swollen and he said her head looks round and swollen too. She is in alot of discomfort pain. Mostly, her illness causes her discomfort; however, she also has a lot of pain too.

After talking to him, I looked at my husband, Brant, to whom I had been complaining earlier. I said, "I will be glad to leave my children each week in comparison to what Travis and Haley are going through. I am thankful this is my trial and that we don't have a child going through what Ari is experiencing. " Of course, Brant agreed. I don't think there are very many people out there that wouldn't be more grateful for their challenges in comparison.

I am thankful for Travis, Haley, Ari, and their children. They have been such a great example to me. Haley and Travis are so positive. I truly believe it is impossible to get Haley to say anything bad about anybody. Her heart is so sweet and pure, she cannot even begin to think ill of another person.

I don't know why we have the trials that we do. I think despite the hardship, we just have to be grateful and look at the silver lining. Sometimes it is hard to see. I know that our ways are not always the Lord's ways. I will keep praying for Ari as I know everyone else will too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The odds are against us

The doctors have said that Ari's chances of making it are about 20%. They have given her 3 to 6 months.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Back in the Hospital

By Haley Lane

They told us if we keep doing what were doing her survival rate is only 20%. So we have to figure out a knew game plan. When we went in for our appointment yesterday her counts were almost as bad as when we came the very first time. Since we have been here she has been given blood for almost 12 hours straight, so for all those people out there that donate blood THANKYOU THANKYOU.

The game plan this time is to treat her as if she has leukemia. It is quite aggressive and quite crappy. So we will be here for another 2 to 3 months.

So keep us in your prayers. We love you all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Relapse

Ari is in the hospital again. She has relapsed. That's not good. Usually, if they relapse they do not always recover.