Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More on Ari

Written by Vicki Lane Taylor, Ari's Aunt

Ari is back at Primary Children's Hospital. She will be there for 2-3 months. She's been receiving chemo treatments and blood transfusions every 3 weeks since she left the hospital. Doctors said that her cancer is worse than the first time she came in. They have only one resort left to try. She will receive the highest dose of chemo that can be given for 5 days in a row. Then she will remain in the hospital for 3 weeks to recover from the chemo because it is so gruesome. Then the process will start over...5 days chemo, 3 weeks recovery. It can be done 3 times. The Doctors told them she has about a 20% chance of survival. Please keep Travis and Haley in your prayers.

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