Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In Memory of our Angel Arianna

We are starting a foundation and calling it Ari's Angels. As these amazing children live in the hospital for monthes somtimes years at a time. Our last stay there we met a little girl setting the record she would be there for over 18 monthes. Somtimes never allowed to leave their rooms. Somtime like in Ari's case live their last precios months in the hospital. Enduring pain, sadness, and being lonly, missing family and friends. Dealing with surgies and being poked again and again. Every time we would hear a baby cry Ari would say, "they poked that baby huh Mom". It is a very hard life for these children.

There are things that would make there day, Like when dog therapy would come by, bingo every week, music day, and of course child life. Somtimes after going through a lot they would give Ari little gifts. She loved them, it helped the time pass and would lift her spirits.

So I wanted to donate things that I think she would enjoy. She of course had her favorites, She loved frilly things. These are some of the ideas we came up with.
Here is are Little Mermaid Package. It comes with a Little Mermaid Frilly Twirl Skirt, A Arial poly pocket, And a Easy reader book, all put into a princess gift bag. This Is what most of the care packages include. Some are more elaborate. I know she would have loved getting this!!

This is the hello kitty skirt it is my favorite mostly because I think it would have been Arianna's Favorite.I know she would have loved them all
I can just picture her twirling around in them. I dropped off about a 100 care packages my first time and of course balled my eyes out. It has been very healing.

I opened an etsy store called to help pay for my Ari's projects. 
just for visiting her blog you can receive 30% off.The coupon code is ARIANNA. If you would like to donate to the cause. There is a a paypal button at the top right. Thank you for supporting our cause./b>

I would love for people to keep reading and learn more about my Angel. Also If a child you love is suffering from a life threatening decease let me know and I would gladly send them a skirt or cape. Because she was my HERO, For the boys I have super hero capes.