Monday, November 29, 2010

We are on our way up to salt lake. Tomorrow should give us a clue to what our future holds. We are fasting and our a little unsure on what to fast for. She says she is done and is in quite a bit of pain. If her hart has been fixed by the medicine then They want to go ahead with bone marrow. The other night I was imagining that she got the bone marrow and it fixed her disease. I have been going through all the pictures of her before the disease and in about 90% of them she is out right laughing. She was such a happy little girl. I took so many pictures of her. Danny said to me one time. You are going to make your other kids feel bad. You are a little crazy about this kid. If it is possible I think I am way more attached to her now. She is my world. I love her so much. Even now with all she is going through she is still pretty Happy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We took the kids to tangled and we all loved it. Arianna loved it she fell asleep half way through. She sleeps more then she's awake lately. but we all really enjoyed it. We also got all 3 girls little Rapunzel dolls.

A lot has happened this last few weeks. Ari was getting ready for bone marrow. Alaina was our match, she didn't care that it would hurt, she just was exited to spend some time with Mom. What a sweetie. Anyway this whole last week was spent doing tests. None of them went well. The LCH is in 50% of her bone marrow. Her ct scans showed that all her lesions were getting rapidly bigger and she had quite a few new ones. She has really big ones on her hips so pretty much now we can only lift her by her bum because she is in pain everywhere. To top it all off The chemotherapy has damaged her hart. With all that going on, they said that they can not do bone marrow with her hart damaged. And they don't do bone marrow with her disease so out of control. And there is nothing we can do to get it under control. So here is a hart med will check on her hart in a week. meanwhile we have been trying to get her make a wish together and say our goodbyes. So I called them today and they decided they are just going to try to fix her hart and do it anyway. So we will find out Monday. Poor thing won't be very happy. She is so fed up with hospitals.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family fast and prayer

My brother Travis' daughter, Arianna, has been battling LCH for most of her life. She is only 2 years old. My mom sent this out tonight. Please remember their family in your prayers.


Just an update on Arianna, I just got off the phone with Travis and they are giving Ari another heavy dose of chemo for the next few days. Things are not looking good for her. He says she is in a lot of pain and can't even sit up, it seems you can't touch her anywhere without it being too painful to her. She still has Herpes in her mouth, all through her body and can't eat except through a feeding tube. They cannot do the bone marrow on her because she still has the viruses and the cancer is coming back, which means she is not in remission. It has to be in remission before they can do the bone marrow transplant.

We would like to start a family fast in her behalf tomorrow (Friday) at noon until Sat. at noon if at all possible for those that can. Actually even if some would like to start today or whenever it would work best for you. We are all on different schedules, and I know this is a short notice. We had hoped to do it Sat. for our regularly fast Sunday but feel we need to do it now. We would like the fast to be whatever Heavenly Father's will is and for Ari not to have to suffer anymore; or if she is to be with us to please help her to get better soon. We will faithfully accept His will.

Haley and Travis our prayers are with you and we are so grateful for the great examples you are to all of us. We love you and are with you.