Monday, November 29, 2010

We are on our way up to salt lake. Tomorrow should give us a clue to what our future holds. We are fasting and our a little unsure on what to fast for. She says she is done and is in quite a bit of pain. If her hart has been fixed by the medicine then They want to go ahead with bone marrow. The other night I was imagining that she got the bone marrow and it fixed her disease. I have been going through all the pictures of her before the disease and in about 90% of them she is out right laughing. She was such a happy little girl. I took so many pictures of her. Danny said to me one time. You are going to make your other kids feel bad. You are a little crazy about this kid. If it is possible I think I am way more attached to her now. She is my world. I love her so much. Even now with all she is going through she is still pretty Happy.

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