Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ari looks so much better

Written by Haley Lane

Ari's Primary Children's appointment always takes about 8 hours. Amber had the day off so she came to visit with us. It was so fun to see her. It was actually a fun appointment. I was so hopeful that we would not need blood this time. She gets quite a bit of energy for a few days after getting blood.

The clinic gave her this hat. She looks so cute.

As soon as she got in the car she was out. It had been quite a long day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ari is doing well

Written by Elizabeth Lane Hibbard

I haven't had much to put on the blog, as Ari has been receiving chemo treatments and seems to be responding well so far. I am so glad that we have good news to share. She appears to be a healthy, happy little girl unless you look closely at her hair that has started falling out. Good thing she has an Aunt Kim that makes adorable little girls hats from her Baby Bling line. Ari still wants to have her Mama close by, and has had to learn to crawl again. Her body atrophied so much, that she lost the ability to walk. It's probably quite frustrating to her, as her mind is still sharp and she knows that she could do that once. However, she seems to be getting better. Haley is so diligent on keeping up on her medications, playing with her, and still being such a great Mom to all of her children. I don't know how she manages to get it all done. As always, thanks for all of the prayers.