Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010 Facebook Feeds

Haley Lane said: Ari hasn't had a fever in a while. so that is really exciting. thanks for all the prayers.

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Kristi Lane Niu Just want you to know we love you guys and think and pray for you often. Give Ari a hug from her cousins in AZ
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Tammy Swayngim Zimmermann Thank God awesome news
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Sharon Danners That's fantastic Haley!!! Bless her heart!!! ;)
August 31 at 6:37pm · LikeUnlike.

Jacki Barbe That is wonderful.. GOD IS THE ALMIGHTY HEALER..PRAYERS WORK...TY LORD... Still praying..
August 31 at 6:44pm · LikeUnlike.

Jackie Hodge Great news Haley!!! Praying every day!!
August 31 at 6:46pm · LikeUnlike.

Tina Riehle Yay! That's awesome!
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Christina Taylor That's so awesome! Prayers work! Still praying for her....love you all!
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Keena Argo Ortiz Great news! Praying much more is to follow.
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Lelynn Parys wonderful!
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Bobbi Matty Kaufman Good news! We all will continue praying.
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Amber Parten Continue praying..
September 1 at 7:28am · LikeUnlike.

Nicole Maslonka Henderson Still praying for little Ari..
September 1 at 7:48am · LikeUnlike.

Jacki Barbe TY U LORD!!! TY U LORD!!!! GOD IS GREAT!!!!!

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