Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doing Much Better

This post is from Ari's Grandma, Mina Lane. She has been able to spend alot of time with her at Primary Children's.

Wednesday, September 9th.
I took pictures of Ari today as the nurse was working on her. She looks so much better. She's more alert and can even gave a little smile. Today she had enough energy and alertness to kiss her daddy.

We are so happy with her progress. It's the first day she hasn't had to have a transfusion. They did find another problem today, but we will
not know the results for a few days. You can't believe how good she has been with all the Drs. and nurses. She does hate to see them come in and lets them know that. The other day she was so cute, the nurse came in to take blood and with her big blue eyes she just turned and looked at her and just closed her eyes as if to say, "Here's my arm, just take it." She is so cute. I can't tell you how good she has been through out all of this. She has been poked, stabbed so many times and still maintains her cheerful personality.

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  1. I am so glad that things are getting better. I know you still have a long fight ahead of you. We will be praying a lot for you guys. Love you!!!! Give Ari a big hug for me.