Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Story From the Past Part IV: How I Met My Friends

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By Travis Lane

My email continues:

On top of Arianna’s condition I have three business transactions that are about a 4.8 Million dollar loss. I guess that is not as bad as it seems considering I have some business deals that have come to me because of two of those deals. They will make up the loss and much more. However, at this point it is still a 4.8 Million loss and it is frustrating, stressful, devastating, and humiliating and just a complete bummer to lose 4.8 Million.

Well it is what it is and there is a reason I have shared these last two paragraphs with you.

Now here is the corny part, about two weeks ago I started having this dream. (Very odd that I would dream considering I would only sleep about an hour a day) However, I would have a dream of a day in the past. (It is an actual day of my life when I was about 10 or 11 yrs old). I am going to share this dream with you, but first I want to recap on how I met you each one of these people that are in this dream, because that leads into this repetitive dream I have had, which turns out to be an actual event in our lives.

Josh, I remember the first time I met you; your family had been moved into your house on Rim view for about a week. We invited your family over for breakfast and in your back pocket was a "Boys Life Magazine" I didn’t know that magazine even existed at the time. You showed it to me and I saw all of the neat things in there from Chinese Stars to Smoke Bombs. Later that week we placed our first order and our box of stink bombs, smoke bombs and booby trap contraptions showed up. We were instant best friends from there on out.

Andrea, I met you before I even moved into our house on Rim View. Remember my cousins lived there before I did? (Tyler Hendrix) Ok, tell me if you remember this how I do? I think we were about 5 years old. I remember that you, Tyler, myself and Cindy? Was that her name? She lived right across the street from you. Then she moved and no one ever lived there since. This is the first day I met you. I went over to Tyler’s house, which later became my house. Somehow we ended up playing with you and Cindy. It seemed like we played all day. I remember playing in Cindy's backyard. Someone proposed that we should all get married. You and Tyler were to get married because you two had dark hair and Cindy and I were to get married because we had blonde hair. I was all for it but, you had some definite reservations and questions about it. You would not agree to it until you consulted your mom. We held off the ceremony until you returned with an answer from your mom. The response was very wise; we were too young to get married so your mom would not permit it.

Shanna and Tammy, I met you shortly after you had moved into your house.

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