Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My "football players" are tough!

Visiting Ari
Pictured from (l to r): Kaley (Travis/Haley's daughter); Ashley Shock (Dona's daughter); Alaina Lane (Travis/Haley's daughter); and Corey Shock (Dona's husband).

Travis and Haley's kids have been at Dona's (Travis' sister) house in Mt. Pleasant while Ari is in Salt Lake City. It is about an hour and 45 minutes away from the hospital. Travis' daughter, Alaina, contracted chickenpox this last week.

Dona and her husband, Corey, took the kids up to visit. Obviously, as a precaution, they were not able to hold, hug, or touch Alaina. It was very sad, as she is only 4 years old and is having a hard time understanding why she can't hug Mom and Dad. Heartbroken, Alaina, sat on her Uncle Corey's lap for consolation. Ashley, (Dona's daughter, age 14) tried to explain to her why Ari is so sick and why Alaina could make her even sicker. She said, "Ari is sick. It's like her body is playing football. Ari's football players are trying to win, but the other team is winning right now. But, the game isn't over."

The next morning after returning to Mt. Pleasant, Alaina's "pox-spots" were starting to clear up. She said to her Aunt Dona, "Look! My spots are gone! My football players are tougher than Ari's."

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  1. What a cutie. Keep the updates coming, we are keeping watch to see how Ari is doing. I can't say enough how much we are praying for their family. We love you guys!