Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Arianna

Arianna came into this world on a Sunday and she left on a Sunday. When she finally came I was about 6 weeks late from what i thought her due date would be. Of course I was a month off. When my water broke I was in walmart. I was just about done shopping after about an hour, so i grabbed some pads and finished up. I am sure the checker was a little freaked out by an open thing off pads, but for me when my water breaks it means the baby should come in the next day or two. I also grabbed some baby girl outfits JUST IN CASE. The entire pregnancy I thought she was a boy. After Alaina's birth and being a watched pot trying to biol. This time I figured I would get a good night sleep and then announce that my water had broken. I did give my mid wife a call just so she could have a heads up. At around noon the next day I started getting harder contractions so that's when we officially started the party. She was born at 5 something. When I was pregnant I had a dream that she just came out no pain or anything and I have to say that was pretty close. she was by far my easiest labor. The only complication was i didn't have very hard contraction so my uterus had a hard time contracting So I bled quite a bit. It was my longest recovery. I couldn't sit up for three days. I had a lot of time to enjoy my new baby. When she came we kept swaying how cute he was. Then we got the surprise of our lives, a beautiful baby girl!! She was Taylor's little twin. I know the other kids won't mind me saying this, she was our most beautiful baby and little girl. She had the biggest eyes. She loved hearing stories about herself especially when Travis would tell them. Us thinking she was a boy was her favorite story. This is just the beginning of random blogs. I want to right down every memory I have of her.

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