Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Memories of Ari

She would say Hold me mom hold me in Her little Muppet chipmunk voice. Then she would say arm so she could be rapped in my arm. Her favorite place in the world. She was daddy s puppy and mommy kitty. She loved coke. But she called it daddy's drink. And she could tell if it was out of can or fountain. She was truly a lane that way. When she got herpes really bad and couldn't eat the only thing that made her mouth feel better was coke. And that's what started her addiction. Still her favorite thing was water. It brought her comfort. In the end even when she couldn't have that much she still wanted a to hold a glass of ice water just like you would a stuffed animal.

How when she would poop. The smell would kill her and me and kaley she would hang out her tung and say ehh. She cracked me up.
Every time i would take a shower at home as soon as i opened the door she would be there. A lot of the time she would scare me. I miss watching her little naked hiney running down the hall. We would say i see your hiney all white and shiney. If you dont hide it I'm going bite it. She would hide it say "not my hiney.
one time heading home she started singing,"I go see my friends. My Kaley friend my Taylor Friend, my Laney friend." It was so cute. She had a beautiful voice. You would catch her singing all the time.

Her Favorite foods were Beans and Cafe rio. At the hospital they would call her the cafe rio baby. She loved baby oranges and baby cheese. She also loved star burst.

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