Thursday, October 8, 2009

She's back in the hospital. :(

Written by Haley Lane

Monday was our appointment at Primary's hospital. Ari usually gets her chemo and maybe a blood transfusion. About 45 min from the hospital Ari vomited this dark brown stuff. later we found out it was dry blood. By the time we got to hospital her fever was 104, so they admitted her. That day her DDAVP didn't work and when that happens she gets dehydrated and drinks and pees like crazy. Within 2 hours she was completely dehydrated and vomiting every few minutes.

She started getting really lethargic. I help her up to through up and she just flopped, her head going straight in her lap. So we got the doctor there and they were tapping her chest saying her name trying to get her to come out of it. It scared me half t death. She had never acted like this before. If ever we have something new come along.

They checked her sodium and it was 172 so they checked it 4 more times. Both the doctors there had not seen any ones that high. they were actually really surprised how well she was doing. I can't imagine what would be worse. They rushed her down to intensive care and started pumping her with all kinds of stuff. She pulled out of it and I was thinking how terrified I would have been if I had been at home. So I am grateful it all happened while we were up here. Heavenly Father was watching out for us again. We were very lucky.

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