Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ari's update from Haley

Tonight Ari got another fever. She has had one every night for 5 days in a row. Every day they tell us she can go home if she doesn't have a fever for longer then 24 hours. We are starting to think that day might never come. We actually are starting to really like it here. We are becoming pretty good buddies with our nurses. This is by far the best hospital ever.

I want to back up a little and explain to those, who perhaps don’t know how we ended up back in the hospital with Ari. After Kaley's birthday, we stayed in Mt. Pleasant until her Monday appointment. We got to her appointment at 11 and everything went pretty smooth. She received her chemo and a transfusion.

We left at about 5:40. At about 6:00, she had a hard time breathing. Her breathing was like someone getting ready to have a baby. She also got a fever. She would grab a hold of me with her little fist and scream out in pain. If you know her, you know that she never cries or screams even when she is a ton of pain. We gave her some oxycodine and it didn't ease the pain at all.

We called Primary Children’s and they told us that even though we were only 30 miles away to just go to the nearest emergency room. We ended up at Alta Hospital. They checked her vitals, which weren't good. But, they were pretty much at a loss on what to do about this “black hole” of a baby. They suggested we put her in an ambulance and send her up to Primary Children’s. They said that it would take about 15 minutes to get their ambulance ready. This seemed crazy to me. Or, they said we could try taking her ourselves. That is what we did.

Thankfully, Jeremy came and got our other kids. We went about 90 miles an hour and made it in about 15 minutes. When we got there, they did about 20 different tests and x-rays. Of course, everything came back negative. They gave her morphine for her pain. It helped a little. At one point her heart rate was 204. Now we are back to living at the hospital. Her condition is such a mystery.

I think Travis is amazing. He is definitely a super hero to me. We really do have so much support. Today Ammon and Hayley drove all the way up to see us. They brought me some much needed stuff and saved me a trip. They also brought Ari some really cute Dora stuff. On the movie they bought her, the princess’ name is Arianna. I don't even think they knew that when they got it. They also brought some stuff for her to color. She has been into crafts lately. She loves painting. Another thing she loves is a song called “10 Snowmen Learn to Read.” It is on a web site called Starfall. I love this website. We finally taught her how to push the button to play the song so we don’t have to do it every 10 seconds, hours on end. She holds her fingers up and waves them back and forth and laughs, it is so cute.

Josh and Joni Jones have also brought in delicious meals to us. We enjoy seeing and visiting them. They are great friends. The Kids are enjoying being at Aunt Bobbi's. She has made it quite fun for them. I seriously don't know what we would do without all their aunts and uncles. Thanks so much to everyone.

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