Monday, October 5, 2009


Written by Elizabeth (Lane) Hibbard

I can't believe how much endurance Haley seems to have. She seems so sweet, guileless, and innocent. In first appearances, she doesn't give any hint as to how much strength she possesses. On Saturday, I was telling my husband, Brant, that Haley ran the St. George Marathon today. I said she hadn't even been training and just ran it. He said, "It's not that hard. You just have to put your mind to it."

Yeah, right, I thought. I could not just "put my mind to it." Then, I thought about it more and more. I've thought about it the last couple of days and I realized he was right. She did just "put her mind to it." She has either learned this or comes by it naturally, but she knows how to do that. I think that with Haley, she "puts her spirit to it," then her mind follows, and then her body follows. Now, of course, she has run marathons before and she knows what it takes. But I think she has been able to accomplish any goal she sets because she becomes so determined.

I've realized how many challenges in my life have become obstacles, not because I really can't do them, but because I haven't put my mind to it. I think Haley is such a great example. She said on her blog that as she was running, she kept thinking about what Ari had gone through and how strong she had been. She knew Ari didn't give up and kept fighting. It was from Ari that she drew her strength.

The last mile, Kaley and Taylor ran with her. I think, like in life, when our family runs alongside us, it can give us that extra boost and help us find our way to the finish line. I guess, in life, there are starters, quitters, and finishers. I hope that when it's all said and done I can stand under a banner that reads "Finisher."

To read more about Haley's marathon visit her blog:

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