Thursday, December 2, 2010

bone marrow is a go. Her hart looks better so even though they can't get her disease under control they are going to go ahead. So here we go. We all fasted that if she was meant to be done that her hart would not look better. So we are hopeful.
When we heard about being able to do bone marrow Alaina leaned down to Ari and excitedly said did hear that Ari you don't have to die.

According to Taylor. Alaina has fancy vain and we are lucky she is the match. When we got labs done the nurse said that alaina medieval vain is easy to access. It has less nerve cells so it doesn't hurt very bad and it has great flow.

When we saw the nurse that worked on Alaina she said "that is the nurse that poked me and took my blood, she so nice".

It is official Alaina is crazy. Just teasing. Here she is getting labs.

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