Wednesday, December 8, 2010


To me faith is knowing that if you are trying to live your life right God is taking care of you no matter what happens in your life.
So many times in church you hear people talk about how heavenly father protected and blessed them because they were living there life right and paying there tithing. This is so true and I have been protected and blessed so many times for trying to follow the spirit and do what's right. But you hardly ever hear the lord let my little baby get cancer and experience all her pain because we were trying to live our lives right. But I believe having faith means knowing that what ever he has happen in our life along our journey. If we are trying to choose the right it is all a blessing and for our good and benefit. He loves us and knows what we can and can't handle and I am so grateful to him not only for my blessings and protection but for my trials as well and knowing that he will always be there for me.


  1. Haley.. what a profound sweet testimony. Please know you are never far from my thoughts. Sending you love and strength!

  2. Haley you are such a great example to all of us. We go up there to see you and try to uplift you and we go a way being the one that is uplifted, You are always happy and looking for the positive all the time. We love you and our thoughts and prayers are with you and "Our Little Angel"