Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A lot has happened this last few weeks. Ari was getting ready for bone marrow. Alaina was our match, she didn't care that it would hurt, she just was exited to spend some time with Mom. What a sweetie. Anyway this whole last week was spent doing tests. None of them went well. The LCH is in 50% of her bone marrow. Her ct scans showed that all her lesions were getting rapidly bigger and she had quite a few new ones. She has really big ones on her hips so pretty much now we can only lift her by her bum because she is in pain everywhere. To top it all off The chemotherapy has damaged her hart. With all that going on, they said that they can not do bone marrow with her hart damaged. And they don't do bone marrow with her disease so out of control. And there is nothing we can do to get it under control. So here is a hart med will check on her hart in a week. meanwhile we have been trying to get her make a wish together and say our goodbyes. So I called them today and they decided they are just going to try to fix her hart and do it anyway. So we will find out Monday. Poor thing won't be very happy. She is so fed up with hospitals.

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